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2008-05-29 Where did 'Customer Login' go? Print

Regular visitors to our web site may notice something has changed.  The CUSTOMER LOGIN box has disappeared!


Customer Login was used to manage access to two parts of our web site, and had been a source of confusion for some of you.  As a result of your feedback, we have made two changes to our web site which have allowed us to remove the customer login box.


 The other changes to the web site were:


  • Remove the requirement to login to access some help documents - all of these are now publicly available
  • Remove the MY LINKS facility, which was being used by a handful of customers.  If you were actively using MY LINKS, we sent you an email around 21 May advising you of this change.  If you're affected and want to get your link list back, please check the details in that email.


We hope that this change makes our site easier to use, and we hope to bring new content online for you soon.